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The is an example of a refit, major because of the re-deck, that can be done within an hour a day over a period of time chosen. Even the gluing of the deck is an hour. Organization and mental planning will move this along smoothly and with less stress to other priorities.


The yellow Ribeiro hull was the first EC12 build by the Webmaster here. The building of this boat launched the building section of, which then was moved to this site.


The building was over the winter of 1999-2000 and besides some club events has competed in 31 national scheduled regattas, resides in a rental storage stall 9 months of the year and has traveled by car 34,000 miles through 37 states. She has been dropped, had water in her servos and receiver, a bow block failure, a bow block system failure (note the yellow cover on the bow), been demasted twice and has hit numerous objects head-on including the concrete wall at Columbia, Maryland. Her Ribeiro one piece deck of a gel coat-foam-fiberglass sandwich is cracked, ripples and leaks like a sieve. She has been through more suits than Imelda Marcos has shoes and offended, insulted and violated the sensibilities of other captains to great embarrassment of her helmsman. She is one tired puppy and has taught this owner much.


This is not a step by step process but a photo description of the refit and re-decking. There have been many changes and a few procedures incorporated. The changes and refits.

  1. New balsa/resin deck.

  2. New deck sub-structure.

  3. The nose is filled with resin inside and repaired outside.

  4. Bow block mounting enlarged.

  5. All bow block system lines changed.

  6. All new sheet lines

  7. The radio gear is removed from the ballast mounts to a redesigned board less the twitcher. Jib trim is moved aft of the strut to a blade mount.

  8. The 380 RMG/Thoresen drum is replaced with the 280c/7.2T and 26mm SDS drum.

  9. The RX is moved under the hatch liner.

  10. The rudder servo is 4x torque than the old one.

  11. The sheet bungee length is doubled.

  12. An additional B rig is built with sails.




The rest is glassing the deck, adding the hardware and building a B rig. All will be nothing new covered on this site. Although a tank test will tell, it is thought she will need additional ballast for the 42" waterline. She is expected to weight 4 to 5 ounces less than before. The owner will know in a few days and you will know as you observe her righting moment on the course.