Last Update: December 9, 2010


The Champions Regatta Series

Current Year Series: 2010

Past Results

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 Series General Rules


The Champions regatta is held after a year long competition in separate sailing series. This event will host the captains that have qualified as being the top finishers in the participating sailing series. There are no duplications across the series. The sailing series are:

Dixie Cup

Florida Championship Cup

Colonial Cup

New England Cup

Currently, the Champions Regatta is scheduled for the top five captains from each series along with the previous year's winner to race as one fleet in Charleston, South Carolina. The event is held early in the year following the previous sailing season. The winner of this event is presented the:


Sir Francis of Graham Trophy

Each series lists their own rules and are managed by the scorekeeper listed on their page. Continuing scores are posted as the year progresses through the scheduled events. Each of the series events listed are part of the national EC12 regatta schedule posted on the Class Website and on the AMYA website.