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Last update, December 7, 2009

Cradle Provided in the Kit




The Cradle package from the Kit

30 luggage strap

Wood finishing materials, as desired

Polyurethane glue

5-minute epoxy

Applicant sticks




Foam brushes

Screw driver

Drill and driver

Drill bits


Assembly of the cradle is simple and intuitive. Test putting it together and while doing so mark the dowel handles so not to finish the part inside the foam and upright.


This cradle is very simple and light. It does not have a keel support rest. This cradle would be good for the field but you may want something more supportive of the keel during storage or add a support for those times and transport.




While the uprights have been pre-drilled, they were reamed out with a 1/8 or #30 bit to comfortably avoid splitting.


MinWax was used to finish off the wood. This is more for moisture protection than looks but it came out fine. Their conditioner is used so that only two coats of the finish are needed.


Sand the wood to your liking to take off the mill stain and yellowing. The conditioner can be applied on both sides in one session and the full length of the dowel handles. Allow it to dry well.


If you are using MinWax, apply two coats with light sanding or steel wool in between. Try to keep the product off the part of the dowels that will slide into the uprights. Let one coat dry over night so that it is real hard for the next coat.


In planning for the assembly consider the process planned here. The dowels can be affixed three different ways; with a small amount of epoxy in the holes, pinned or sue nothing at all.



The dowel handles, uprights and the foam receivers will be assembled in as one piece and then mounted on the cradle base. The screws provided will be used along with a very thin line of polyurethane glue down the center line of the mounting. Careful monitoring for expanding glue may be needed so it can be removed.


The cradle should rest for 24 hours till the hull is place into it.