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Radio Systems
RMG Winch

Last update, December 16, 2009


Electronics and remote control are the crewmen of our model yacht. The System Board section will show how all these controls come together as the crew in an integrated unit.

In the last five years there has been a huge increase in product improvement for the hobby industry. Servos, radio systems, batteries and chargers compose the hard core of Electronics and they have all been on an upward curve in technology and convenience of use.

In the last 10 years we have moved from surface crystal controlled radio systems to those in a different band with no crystals. The Spread Spectrum technology has been huge in sailor convenience, less parts inventory and regatta management.

Batteries have increased their capacity from 1600 to 2700ma with durability and little price increase. This has reduced the battery inventory in the toolbox. The two-cell Lithium batteries began to show up in late 2009. Their use is still being studied and how they would be applied in sailing.

Transmitters can operate a full day if not for a full two-day event.

We now have digital servo operation with finer and more calibrated movement. While there is a slight increase in power use the new batteries absorb the need easily.

Fast chargers are a necessity now. They were a quick answer for the 1600ma range battery but now with higher capacity they are needed for overnight charging at longer events.