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Last update, December 11, 2009

Electronics and Sheetline System Board

An Integrated Installation



Prior to 2006 there were many different ideas for the installation of the radio equipment in the boat from ballast mounted units to swing arm systems to the wooden board. Some of this has been retained in the links below. Some may like to continue to use the wood board that is shown in the EC12 Drawing. However, what has been developed and began use during 2007 was a radio mounting platform with the sheetline system fully installed. This system can be removed from the interior of the boat in one piece by removing one screw and the rudder link to the tiller. This is a major convenience for maintenance, repair and refitting.


The design seen here is from R&D processes from a prominent builder in northern Florida who has shared this with the Delta shop. We in turn have finalized the development and share it with you.


This installation is based on an aluminum platform and work with this metal will be needed. It is not difficult and you may need some special equipment. If you can bend aluminum or have someone do it, this is not advanced modeling. Those of you that would like to build in wood may certainly do so and it too will work. The link to the servo mounts will assist you in this preference.


This is the heart of the EC12. There is a lot of work to do here but when done you will be well on to finishing the floating part of the project. The Rig will be another matter.


The links to the left are for the module sections in building for preparation in the total assembly. The Sheetlines section is really part of the System Board but is separated to be more visible. All radio gear information is located in the Electronics section. It is expected that this design will be around for quite a while.


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