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Radio Mods

Last update, December 15, 2009



The Futaba 6EX-2.4GHz system is a near copy of the very popular 75MHz 6XAS that has been in use for several years. It has all the features now common with upscale radio systems.

·        Automatic frequency selection within the 2.4GHz band that is permitted.

·        Processor programming

·        Dual Rate switching; the ability to select servo movement less that maximum on both sides of neutral.

·        Exponential movement on those servos available in Dual Rate.

·        End Point Adjustment (EPA); the ability to select servo throw differently on either side of neutral including those available to Dual Rate.

·        The ability to mix multiple servos in a program.

·        Multiple modes for different class boats or rigs.


The power supply is a 9.6vdc 8-cell AA battery pack. At least a 2700mA NiMH pack is recommended to easily get through a day of sailing and beyond. The TX has an operating draw of 170mA.


The battery compartment is still a bit tight due to the shrink wrap material. Connecting to the internal power plug is still near impossible and needs some trimming for fat fingers.


The two popular modifications are seen on the left link bar. There is starting to be a following in moving the trim function to one of the sticks. This will be looked into here in the Delta shop.



The RX is designed for 4.8vdc and 6.0vdc. It has a no signal power draw of 80mA. This unit is half the size and mass of predecessors and weights just under 10 grams. The antenna has two wires and far shorter that older units.


System Boot Up

Futaba still uses a start up process of never leaving the RX without a signal from the TX…meaning, TX on then RX on and the reverse at shutdown. This has been standard process for years and is mentioned in the manual.

The boot up of a SS band system requires a learned pause we have not needed before. The system needs to fully boot and mate with the RX before any other actions are taken. Learn to pause.


The proper way to begin with this Futaba is when turning on the power switch, roll the TX over and watch the signal light turn solid green. Then turn on the system board power switch and pause again till the RX goes to full green. Now you can wiggle the rudder. This process eliminates startup issues caused by demands when the system was not ready. It is good practice. If there is a boot problem it will not boot up or a red and/or blinking light; shut down properly and reboot. If it continues to have an issue, review the manual. Do not attempt a binding process at the lake. This is good SS practice.


Futaba Issues

There are none. Issues raised during the 2009 sailing season have been traced to operating errors by the skippers or operating outside of procedures. Additionally, the binding process should not be conducted on a SS system when others are sailing and/or booting up for the next heat.