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Last update, December 29, 2007

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This is a list of major suppliers and not what one might want. Nor, are these suppliers the ones you would like. It is what we use and it changes from time to time. What is being tried here are suppliers that have a wide scope to their inventories, thereby reducing the list.


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Blue Crab Yachts (BCY) Hull, Ballast, Rudder, Deck, Short Kit.
Chesapeake Performance Models (CPM) Hull, Ballast, Rudder, Deck, Short Kit, Full Kit, Ready to Sail boats.
Jim Black Classic Custom Building.
Ludwig Enterprises Hull, Ballast, Rudder, Deck, Short Kit. Hull is for a sheer clamp, no flange.
Mike Zellanack (MZ) Commissioned Building.
RMD Marine (RMD) Hull, Ballast, Rudder, Deck, Short Kit, Full Kit, Ready to Sail boats.
Robin Yachts (RBN) Hull builder on request.

Boat Specific Hardware

Chesapeake Performance Models (CPM) Electronics. Call for hardware listing.
Ludwig Enterprises Call for hardware listing. Masts and rigging.
Midwest Model Yachting (MMY) Masts. Rigging, Deckside, Hull interior, Fittings. SailSetc stock.
Mike Zellanack (MZ) Masts, Rigging, Deckside, Hull interior.
RMD Marine (RMD) Full supplier. Masts, Rigging, Deckside, Hull interior, Electronics.


Black Sails TriSpi laminates
Carr Sails TriSpi and PX75 laminates
John B Sails TriSpi laminates, CPM 505
Sirius Sails TriSpi laminates
Vector Sails CPM 505, Drafting Mylar, PX75 and North Sails laminates.
Windjammin Sails TriSpi laminates

Fittings - Fasteners

Berkley Fishing Wire sleeves
Du-Bro Products  
McMaster-Carr Extremely large and varied inventory. Stranded stainless wire.
Midwest Model Yachting (MMY) Vector Rig hardware and other products.
SailSetc - UK  
Small Parts Large inventory. Solid stainless wire.
Sullivan Products  
Worth Marine Maker of Pekebe products.


Goodwind Kites Spectra and Dacron braided line.

General Suppliers

McMaster-Carr Too large. Must read-browse
Tower Hobbies Nations largest hobby supplier.


Chesapeake Performance Models (CPM)  
Only Batteries Batteries, battery supplies and chargers.
RMD Marine (RMD)  
Servo City Radios, Servos, servo wiring, gearboxes.
Tower Hobbies  


Aerospace Composites  
Goodwind Kites  
The Composite Store Besides CF, West System resin in small quantities. Resin supplies, foam and tools.
Lonestar Balsa Hobby wood products, thin balsa sheets
Online Metals large inventory and selections. Plastics.