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Last update, December 26, 2009


About the Ordering


Order the short kit now. In time, it can be the hardest to get.


The Ordering Sheet has been discontinued, as a detailed full order sheet. The changing of inventory is too much to deal with here and on too many pages now. What will be listed is that which will appear at the head of each construction section. Goggle and the Internet are too convenient for one to determine one source as a recommendation. Here are some suggestions with the Class Suppliers List at the very top for the majority of EC12 specific parts and equipment. The Class is fortunate to have quality parts available. There were none till mid 2000.


Suppliers List

Browse the categories. Browse the catalogs to see all the offerings. This list is located on the Class Site and list all suppliers that are approved by the Class. It is the supplier responsibility to advise the Class with updated information. This list is not checked for the accuracy of the links.


What is on the Suppliers List is hardware. By this it is meant that if one piece of hardware is connected to another piece of hardware, the connection is not on this list unless supplied by the supplier as part of the hardware. Suggestions to what you may needed in addition to the hardware is listed on the specific page of the project at the upper left.


General View

Ready to Sail Boats: Chesapeake Performance Models, RMD Marine.

Full EC12 Kit: Chesapeake Performance Models. Kit includes all parts including fasteners BUT does not include consumable products like glue and beer.

Short Kit: Any of the hull manufacturers. Hull, ballast, deck and rudder.

Classic Build: You will need all the parts except the molded deck. So, no short kit. Wood products will be Basswood plank, Balsa plank and sheets and hobby plywood. Get the EC12 drawing from the EC12 Store for the templates. Electronic Checklist.

Modern Build: All but the wood. Electronic Checklist.


You can make a list of what you need from the listings in each section of the building process. This can be found by looking at the links at each numbered line in the EC or look at each of the navigation links at the top and left side of a page. From this you will see what you need that may not be lying around your place.


Below is a downloadable Excel sheet listing of some suppliers on the Suppliers List and those on the Internet that support hobbies. Some are companies that supply the general public with building supplies and tools. This is a general listing where you can find the "connection" parts, line and those little things listed on the specific building pages.


This list links to an Excel 2007 file. MS Office 2007 format converter. It is in this format so you can edit the file to your liking and needs. We will do our best to keep it current. Vern can't remember squat, so we lay it on you.


Supplier Internet Information


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