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Last update, December 3, 2009

Introducing The Process


The Electronic Checklist (EC) is a building process for the EC12 that starts in planning and ends sailing the boat. The "Electronic" indicates that it is a process with hyperlinks to the phases and specific tasks at hand and the Internet. At the beginning of each specific process, the links will take you to all the sources for parts. Tools and materials are suggested that will be needed for the task at hand.


In the beginning it is strongly suggested that you plan and study the building project. The EC will take you through this process. Be patient. Don't get into a hurry. You are going to spend some serious money through the process.


Here at Delta MYC basic racing yachts are built that are competitive. One can, and have used the EC process to build some beautiful masterpieces of craftsmanship and finishing. Here there is a lot of attention to the details of weight, balance, righting moments and drag. This is our fun. As was said by an accomplished East Coast builder and competitor, "Speed is beautiful."


The building that will be presented in the Electronic Checklist is recommended building for a good sailing and competitive boat. Simplicity is the theme here for competition. The options of the past have been removed from the building that began in the fall of 2007. We are now showing you what the best approach for a model racing yacht is. Tweaking is allowed and your innovations may drive the next revision of this site.


Nearly all the building and photos in the building process was done in the my shop. There is little crafting and a photographer I am not. Vern is the shop hangout. He lives near the KOA RV Park here in town and spends most of the morning just getting here. An extra hand is needed now and then but he is not left alone.


Do not be intimidated by this effort. It is not overwhelming to those with reasonable common sense. You do not have to have a shop. You do not have to have a lot of tools. You have to craft very little. If you are going to have fun it would be good if frustration does not enter the process.


If you have friends in the hobby, that would be great. If there is a club within a few miles, wonderful. If you have been involved in another sailing class, dynamite. If you are like we were here at DMYC, where the nearest EC12 was 800 miles away when we started in 1994, you may need some help. There is support by email.


If you want to build your own EC12 racing model, buckle up and have some fun. And remember, this a hobby with a very large playground and kids you are dying to meet.


"Cooperate and Graduate through Communications."

  ...Rick West, 2009