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Last update, December 1, 2009


About Tools

If you have shop tools and some machinery, it is not necessary to tell you where they would be useful. If you have nothing, live in an apartment, must set up on a dining table and then take it down with each session and all your toxics and sanding has to be done outside, you do not need very much that a small box could not handle. Slow deliberate processes can be quite rewarding. However, it is thought that you do have something like a hammer, screwdrivers, some pliers and a measuring tape.


There used to be a long listing here of tools and machines. Much of it has changed over time. Most that enter hobbies have some stuff and here you will have more and some specialized. Make yourself comfortable.


Okay, this has to be said. You just want to build one boat, right? It will last forever and you will be buried with it. You are now reminded of the numerous versions of the saying regarding, "…men and their toys." ‘Nuff said.