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Last update, December 3, 2009


You might want to talk to the local sailing group for their experience. The class will not compare one manufacturer, builder or supplier over another.

Hull: All hulls are essentially the same. It is a one design. It is a matter of choosing the manufacturer. Each varies in what additional items they provide.

Deck: The molded deck.

Rudder and ballast are interchangeable due to the EC12 Hull Standard.

Cradle Plans and Construction Drawing


These first six items need to be ordered immediately


Sails: This will be your choice after investigating the sail cloth and timing available. Once this is decided an A suit is the first choice and of sail cloth for the wind range mostly used. That would be 0 to 8 mph and call for a light jib with a midrange mainsail. Examples: TS25/40 laminated Mylar, 1.4/2.0mm Mylar or a suit of PX75. Most sailmakers provide the sail hanks connected to the luff of the mainsail that fit the Goldspar and Groovy masts. This will be the recommended attachment method.

Radio Systems: A radio system that operates on the 2.4GHz band. This is the latest and best RC radio technology (Spread Spectrum) that eliminates the needs for manual frequency control through crystals. Those currently offered have controls for at least four servos with six being the most popular. It is the control configuration more than the number.

    Spektrum DX6i and Futaba T6EX are the radios recommended. You can save dollars buying only the transmitter and receiver. Stock servos are not used in the EC12 and most get an upgraded charger. See more in Electronics on the Electronics Checklist link bar.

        See more here...

Sail winch: Bar None! The RMG SmartWinch 280EL with the 32zs6 drum. This drum is a Z spiral that provides exponential sheetline movement from close haul to full out by the taper of the design. While you are ordering, get the winch thumb screw, signal switch for the radio system above and the Flasher for reading batteries.

Boat Lift.

Two Nickel Metal Hydride 5-cell AA flat pack (6 volt) batteries and two of the same but 8-cell flat pack (9.6 volt) batteries. The most popular are the 2700ma capacity batteries.

A fast charger.