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Last update, July 18, 2007


The Shop


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You don’t need one! So, why this section? Stuff happens.


 At DMYC three boats have been build side by side as sister yachts with two others in the swing arm program on the side awaiting their time for a similar phase of construction and bench space. This was done in one half of a two-car garage with a six-foot-three cabinet bench, a portable table, another table of two saw horses and an old door with a BBQ for a heater. One car was in the winter rain, the builder’s. A lot of the construction photos you will see here were taken in this garage. Was this to make a point? Not at all. This was what was available with no practical means of changing it without finding another residence at that time. That was not a reasonable option. Are you impressed? Thanks, but that is not a point either.


It is hoped this page was not a waste of your time. Do what you need to do. Stuff happens.



The last of three sons left, the family-recreation room was turned into a shop (still has the bumper pool table at the end) and converted two bedrooms into a guest room and large utility room. There is always political expense. Yep, stuff did happen and Vern has his own entry, as he is not allowed in the rest of the house. An insistent and capable woman and three Black Labradors are the monitors.