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Last update, December 3, 2009

Boat Handling Lift

Since this was photographed the lift has been redesigned with push latches  so the bow and stern hoops fold flat. Nice for storage and shipping.

One of the recent innovations to is this boat lifting aid. This is aimed right at the so many in this class where the days of good backs, knees and limber side motions have left us. 

This innovation is that of Bob Dudinsky of RMD Marine, an EC12 general supplier out of St. Petersburg, Florida. The unit is designed to allow lifting of a fully rigged EC12 out of its cradle, or out of the water, with the medically recommended lifting method from the side of the body and a straight back. Additionally, it allows the carrying of the boat under tent eaves and through standard height doors. Setting the boat to rest in the cradle or floating in the water is as easy as doing it by hand but without the strain. 

The unit is made of tubular aluminum with pipe wrapping foam on the bow keel formed hook and the larger one for the flatter stern section. These are formed specifically to assist alignment at the bow area with room to clear the rudder at the stern. The unit is powder coated white and weighs only 1.5 pounds. The main frame of the folding unit is sealed and will float if dropped in the water.

 The only trick to its use is, if you will notice in the photos, is that the hand is on the lower bracket so the forearm can rest against the top of the unit. This handling allows you to grasp the boat with at a 90 degree angle. The forearm then holds it in this position so the unit will not press against the shrouds just above the chain plates in the lifting and carrying. If you break a shroud wire, it is because the unit was not held in this position.

 This is a great item at the lake even for those that think their back is still good.