Rig Divider
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Last update, November 20, 2009


There are a lot of different designs out there as you travel around the lakes. The one here was assembled with parts laying around one morning in a cold garage. The need was immediate and it has worked fine for several years. When you understand the need and see where it is needed hands on, you will know what to do.


This is an essential tool in the process of centering the mast above the deck. This one reaches to the spreaders where the lower shrouds are attached. These are used to center the mast to that point and the eyeballs from there to the crane and using the lower portion of the straightened mast as a guide. This alignment is needed to balance the rig, side to side, on the boat. Otherwise, the boat will react differently on one tack or the other on the water.



36" brass tubing just under 1/4" was used. Top was crushed and drilled for screw to allow a small range of pivot. Two pieces of 2-26 all rod were inserted in the other ends and crushed into place. #201 Du-Bro clevis and lock washers were then installed on the threads and set to be even lengths. This attachments were use because it was felt that the shroud racks were about as close to being at the same height on the deck as anything else. The clevis would snap on the racks and the divider would then lean against the mast. It ain't pretty but works good and has lasted a long time. It is kind of like our boats.