Last Update: April 7, 2009

2009 Florida Championship Cup

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EC12 Florida Association


Scorekeeper: Joe Walter

Events: 1-Palm Beach Gardens Feb 21-22 (Completed), 2-St. Petersburg Mar 28-29, 3-Naples Apr 25-26, 4-Orlando Sep 16-17, 5-The Villages Oct 17-18, 6-Punta Gorda Dec 5-6.

This series begins February 21, 2009 and ends December 6, 2009

Progress of this series and all information regarding Florida EC12 events can be found on the

EC12 Florida Association website.

Scoring Rules:

The Florida Championship

 The Florida EC-12 Association sponsors a special trophy for the EC-12 Class. This award will go to the captain who has the best over-all score for the regattas held in Florida. The Chairman has volunteered to keep track of the scores and maintain a running total that will be posted after each event. The purpose on this award is to increase attendance at regattas without punishing the very people that make our hobby possible, the RDís and staff members. Just think what our sport would be like if no one wanted to be RD.

 Florida Championship Rules 

1.            All scheduled regattas in Florida are part of this series.

2.            Only regattas scheduled at the beginning of the year shall qualify. Last minute regattas for locals only will not qualify.

3.            All qualifying regattas will be 2-day events.

4.            All EC-12 Captains who are dues paying members of the Florida EC-12 Association are eligible. You do not have to be a Florida resident.

5.            The Low-Point System will be used.

6.            The winner of the regatta will get 1 point, 2nd place will get 2 points and so on.

7.            When applicable with the Two-Fleet system, the top 3 finishers of the B-Fleet will earn an automatic entry into the A-fleet for the next scheduled regatta.

8.            To qualify for the Florida Championship a Captain must score four (4) regattas. Captains that do not compete in a regatta will receive Did Not Compete (DNC) points, which will be equal to the total number of boats in the largest regatta plus one. These DNC points can be discarded once the required 4 regattas have been sailed.

9.            In the event of ties, weight will be given to bigger regattas to break ties. A win in a 30-boat regatta will beat a win in a 25-boat regatta. Points RDís and staff members received shall not be used to break ties. If there are still ties Rule A8.1 for breaking series ties will be used.

10.        The Regatta Director and ONE of his staff that would normally sail in the event will be awarded 3 points for administrating the event. Any other members of the regatta staff, such as mark judges, lunch helpers, etc., and who would have sailed otherwise, will receive 12 points.

11.        In the event the RD and/or some of the staff also sail in the event, they shall be awarded points like all the other entrants.

12.        An RD or staff member may only receive points for administrating one event per season. For all other events in the series that they administrate they shall receive DNC points, unless rule 12 applies.

13.        At the end of the year, each Captainís points for the four (4) regattas in which they scored the lowest points will be totaled and the captain with the lowest points will win the trophy. The top five (5) will qualify for the Championshipís Regatta. If one or more of the top 5 Captains cannot attend the event, the next Captain(s) in line will fill the slot until the 5 slots are filled.