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Last update, January 25, 2009


Solid Spring Compression Vang




Some of these parts may be available locally or in your shop.


McMaster-Carr supplier.

    1/4" aluminum tube with wall .065" and ID .120",  P/N 4568T11

    1/8" aluminum rod, P/N 8974K14

    1" Compression spring, OD 5/32" and wire size .016", 1986K1

    18-8 Stainless Steel pan head Phillips machine screw 2-56 by 3/16", P/N 91772A076

    6-32 aluminum machine screw nut. P/N 93181A007


Tower Hobbies

    2 - Swivel ball links 2-56 with 4-40 hardware. Dubro 2139



Basic tools

Drill press

Numbered drills

Tap and Die set

Tube cutter

Metal cutting tool



Shortcut: For those not inclined to build but support the economy, the completed vang is available at Chesapeake Performance Models.

Trademarks: None. This is offered to the EC12 Class and modelers everywhere. It is asked that if you have comment or improvement to this vang, that you share it with all on the EC12 Class forum, 12 Discussions.

Full Printout: This page can be downloaded in Word format for your convenience.




Cut two pieces from the 1/4" tubing 1-1/2" long. One should be identified as the Spring end and the other the Adjustment end. Drill out each tube with a #16 bit leaving 1/4" at each end undrilled.



Using a 10-24 tap, thread the first 1/2" of the section you just drilled out.

Spring End

Drill out the undrilled end with a #30 bit.

Adjustment End

Using a 1/8" bit, enlarge the hole at the undrilled end. Thread this end with a 6-32 tap.

Vang Rod

Cut the 1/8" diameter rod to 6" long. On one end drill and tap to receive the 2-56 machine screw. The other end will be threaded 1-1/2" using a 6-32 die.

Ball Links

The shaft of each ball link is to be threaded with a 10-24 die.


Install the screw in the end of the Vang Rod. Push the threaded end of the Vang Rod into the bigger opening of the Spring End and out the small opening. Insert the Compression Spring in the same direction the Vang Rod went in.




Take one ball link and screw it into the end of the Spring End. Add the 6-32 nut to the threaded end of the Vang Rod. Thread the Adjustment End onto the Vang Rod. Screw the other ball link into the end of the Adjustment End.



You'll like it!