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Last update, December 27, 2009

Single Spreader Rig



The Classic single spreader rig using the Goldspar teardrop mast has been the rig inventory of choice for many years. The building site presentation of this rig is in the links to the left. Most of what you will see is from the early 80s but the process and design is still the same and used by the majority of the Class.


Because this design has been around for some time and now called the "Classic Rig," has nothing to do with performance. This is the simplest clean rig that can be built for the cost and provides the biggest bang for the buck. It also has a long history on tuning techniques that all at the lake will share.


Now, here is something you need to know before moving left. We do not like to present one thing without another that is equally used. Such is the case with the round booms (arrowshafts) that have been used since wood was abandoned. In the last few years (prior to 2009) many have moved to Goldspar cut down masts for booms. These are spars that have had the sail hank track removed.


The issue of representing popular designs in building is that we have two fine suppliers that provide for each...but not completely when it gets down to the fittings. We have used the arrow shafts for a long time but have moved to the Vector Rig. Hence, this site is very limited in providing processes for other than the round and SailSetc booms for this late 2009 time.


We do not like to present a building that was not done here in the shop. However, it would be our guess that the round and cut down mast booms follow similar process for the rigging of lines and adjusters.