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Last update, January 9, 2010


Dual Spreader Rig



The Vector Rig was developed in 2007 and sailed in the latter part of the season by some including this builder. The rig uses the SailSetc  (SE) Groovy round mast and other parts from Graham Bantock's UK business. The equipment supplier here in the US is Midwest Model Yachting in Indiana.


The general concept of this rig is the ability to tune the mast bend to the sails using the shrouds and independent of backstay tensions. The building of the rig will be different and with more and varied parts.


This photos seen in this section show some variations in parts over different builds, notably different vangs and some rigs with sleeves over the mast. It was more for fun in trying different things but did not change the dynamics of the rig or the process of building in this section.


The first rigs were built totally with parts sold by SailSetc through Midwest used in other classes, like the IOM. We have evolved to using more parts for the EC12 without being a Classic Rig.


Class Rule and Specifications

There are defining understandings in the building of a rig because there are specifics that cannot be changed. Here are the points in stone:

Read Section 8.0 of the Class Rules.

The mast will be of wood or aluminum inside and/or outside.

The height shall be no more than 1829 mm (72") from the deck. Deck means DECK not step.

Carbon fiber or composite materials are not permitted as part of the mast structure or internally.

Read Section 9.0 of the Class Rules.

Main and jib booms will be of wood, aluminum and/or fiberglass.

Jib booms and their attachments will not extend beyond the bow of the boat.

Jib booms are not permitted to be bent during construction.

Carbon fiber or composite materials are not permitted as part of the boom structure or internally.

The jib forestay connection to the mast shall not be more that 1500 mm (59") above the deck.

This is the base where we start. It is the playground field we are trying to keep level. The Rules are the part we can enforce.