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Last update, February 4, 2010

Contributing Editors


Projects and articles submitted are listed by the same category subject matter as this site and dated . A link will take you to a page where the builder or author's work resides. There are no links here outside the site on these pages for the contribution other than to special items needed. These links are verified for security and may fail in time. The theme of these pages will be the same as those used on this site.


The contributions are intended to broaden the content of this site into the ideas and thoughts of other EC12 enthusiasts. It is hoped this will give you other perspectives.


EC12 Equipment Chassis

January 21, 2010, by Al Stall, Boynton Beach, FL

This is another look at innovations for the System Board concept on a control platform.


Pivot Stand for Small Models

February 4, 2010, by Rick West, Pacifica, CA

The one shown here is for the IOM but could be used for boats close to the one meter size. This is a ground staked unit that pivots to the wind on two axis points.